SEO Made Simple

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A Highly Value Resource for Businesses & Internet Professionals

The third edition of “SEO Made Simple” by Michael Fleischner is a wonderfully comprehensive guide to making SEO an easy and successful addition to your internet endeavors, allowing for more cohesive and effective search rankings in the newest 2013 search engine optimization practices. Mr. Fleischner has a knack for bringing this complicated subject down-to-earth and making it easy to understand and apply. The book is written with an eye for detail and a precise efficiency that takes the guesswork out of SEO. From updated advice and tips for the latest Google algorithms to effectively integrating social media into the new search engine optimizing landscape, this guide is a highly value resource for businesses and internet professionals who want to know all they can about making a definite impact on the world wide web.

January 1, 2014

Web Design Bibliography

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I found Web Design Bibliography to be very easy to understand, detailed, and most importantly; insightful and practical. What I admire most about this book is the straightforward, no-filler writing style that is used to express all of the information in a way that makes even the most complex concepts easy to pick up for a beginner. There’s a ton of useful resources and it makes for a great reference for learning the fundamentals of web design.

December 1, 2013